Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases

galaxy note 3  casesThe first thing you should do after buying your beloved Galaxy Note 3 is to find the best case for it. However, finding the best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 case is not an easy task. As with case of iPhone 6 cases, several manufacturers have produces cases for Galaxy Note 3, but only few of them deserve purchasing. According to reports, the main problem that faced most of the previous Galaxy Note 2 owners is the large screen vulnerability to crack. It’s extremely easy to crack it that’s why you should be careful when choosing a protective case for your Galaxy Note.

In Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases website, I have collected (what I think) the best cases and screen protectors that can genuinely protect your Note 3 device from shocks, dust and accidental drops.

I have categorized the available cases in the market into many different categories. Depending in your preference, you may choose between flip, wallet, pouch, leather or kickstand cases and so on. Most of the Galaxy Note 3 covers in this website are high-end cover because I believe great smartphone such as the Note 3 deserves great case.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases

Choosing the best case is something subjective, so the best case for me might not suit you and vice versa. Below, I have selected the best case from each category (in my opinion) so if you’re not happy with my selection, feel free to navigate through the different categories and pick your one.

#1 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Official Case

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note 3 on 4th of September along with two types of official cases:  S View Cover and the traditional Flip cover.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Cover

One thing to mention before diving into the Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 covers is the new material used for the back cover. The traditional plastic back now has a faux leather effect added to it, finished with a delicate faux-stitched trim. This is a really a dramatic change from the ordinary plastic cover of Galaxy Note 2, and feels much better in the hand than earlier Notes family members.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S View case is available on sale for $49.99 through eBay.

The S View cover lets you use the Note 3 without even opening the flip as it includes a cut-out window where you can see all important informations like the time, weather, missed calls or text messages. Your Note 3 will wake up when you open the flip and goes to sleep when the flip is closed showing limited info and notifications.

The other announcement was the normal Flip cover .

The normal Flip case does look like the S View cover, however, it does not offer the opening windows. The flip case will be available in different colours including satin yellow, electric red, chrome grey, glittery green,  and midnight blue and finally metallic orange.

If you are note willing to spend fortune on genuine S View cover, I have collected the best-selling unofficial S View Covers for Galaxy Note 3, and the good part is, most of them are priced for $10 or less.

#2 Neo Hybrid TPU Case from Spigen

Galaxy Note 3 Neo Hybrid - Red

Galaxy Note 3 Neo Hybrid - Red

This is one of the most beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note 3 TPU Cases from Spigen the well-known name when it comes to building premium quality cases who's proud to have 100% customer satisfaction. What makes this Note 3 case so special, that it does not compromise what it was produced for: protection.  This case provides the ultimate protection by using high-grade materials to further improve shock absorption and impact protection. Furthermore, Galaxy Note 3 Neo Hybrid case is engineered and designed in a way to secure the phone grip and reduce slippage.  You can customize your Neo Hybrid the way you want with a variety of available colours such as Red, Yellow, Silver, Black and Blue. Last but not least, the case is sold for $24.99 on Amazon with free shipping.

#3 Otterbox Defender for Galaxy Note 3

otterbox_defender_series_samsung_galaxy_note_2_case_3The Otterbox Defender is one of the best rugged Galaxy Note 3 cases because of its durable material and multi-layer build.  The inner layer is made of polycarbonate while the outer is made of synthetic rubber slip case with a belt-clip and built-in screen protector. The Defender does not only covers the phone body, but it also cover all phone ports, jacks, buttons and camera to guard it from dust and debris. In a nut shell, Otterbox Defender is considered one of the best protective cases for your Galaxy Note 3 against all kind of impacts, scratches, dust and smudge. The case is available in Black, Grey, Blue and Purple and is now for sale through OtterBox official website for $59.95 and also on Amazon for the same price. however, it goes out of stock very quickly.

#4 Spigen Slim Armor S View Case for Galaxy Note 3

Spigen Slim Armor Note 3 S View

Spigen Slim Armor Galaxy Note 3 S View Cover

This is the newest series in Spigen arsenal that has been introduce recently to rival the official Samsung Galaxy S View Cover. The case is absolutely beautiful, durable and can attract attention from the first sight. It's fully compatible with S View features providing easy access to the phone's basic functions without having to open the flip. However, to be able to use the S View feature, the original back cover has to be removed so that the case chip can connect to the internal part of the Note 3. Unlike the official S View cover for Galaxy Note 3, the Spigen case has a side latch to ensure the phone is kept well secured inside the case. The case also features a rotatable hinge that facilitates the 360 degree folding of the flip giving it a unique advantage on top of it's competitors. The Spigen Galaxy Note 3 S View Slim Armor Case is available in Black and White and it's now sold on Amazon and eBay for $56.99

#5 i-Blason Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Kickstand Case

kickstand clip case note 3i-Blason is my favourite kickstand case for Galaxy note 3. It has a stylish design, rugged build with dual layer and it's very portable thanks to the locking belt swivel. The outside is made of hard polycarbonate shell to improve impact resistance while the inside case is made of silicon and designed in a way to further absorb shocks. The case has extra cushion in the 4 corners for more durability. It's extremely easy to install, assemble and to use as well. The belt swivel hostler allows you to get the phone in and out so quickly. Additionally, the kickstand is amazingly flexible, so you can rotate horizontally or vertically which way you want it. This Note 3 case is available in various colours such as Black, Blue and Red and is on sale on Amazon for less than $13.

 #6 Fall Fashion Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

wallet case for note 3In my personal view, this is the most beautiful wallet case for the Galaxy Note 3. The case features sleek design, stylish look and feel premium thanks to the quality materials used. The case can be used in different ways: as a flip case, wallet case and as a kickstand case convenient to watch videos in landscape mode. The case sports double-layer protection, where the inner case is made of soft fabric and the outsider is made of premium synthetic leather to increase the shock and drop resistance. Instead of using Magnet which proved to have interference problems with S-Pen functionality, this Wallet case uses a snap clasp to secure the phone in. Additionally, it has multiple slots for ID cards, credit card, and for some cash as well. The case comes with a bonus secure RFID blocking sleeve for credit cards approved by the US government. Finally, this note 3 case is available in 7 colours and on sale for just $7 on Amazon at the time of writing.


#7 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case from Spigen

galaxy note 3 tpu bounce casaeAnother beautiful slim TPU case for Galaxy Note 3 from Spigen. The Bounce case is considered to be one of the slimmest TPU premium cases with just 12.9 mm height which mean that it only adds up 4.6 mm to the original 8.3 mm heigh of the Galaxy Note 3.

The Bounce has of the most sophisticated design, with symmetric cross symbols embedded into the case and covered with a layer of glossy coating which makes the case always clean and subtle.

As you may noticed that the Galaxy Note 3 has a very small bezel, however, Spigen went the extra mile and designed the Bounce to even cover that tiny bezel with a 1mm lip to extra protection and grip. Furthermore, the case features 1.5mm tapered lip so that you don't worry about getting any scratches when the phone is facing down.

The Bounce case is available is Black and Silver and is on sale for $10.99 on Amazon.

#8 Galaxy Note 3 Wooden Case from DSStyle

galaxy note 3 wood case

Galaxy Note 3 Wood Case

DSStyle have a wide range of Samsung Note 3 cases, however, I picked up the Wooded case because of it's uniqueness in the market. The case is very stylish and fashionable and suits both guys and girls. It has precise cut out around ports, buttons and camera. The case is very light weight thanks to the Polycarbonates material used, however, it does perfectly protect your Samsung Note 3 from shocks and drops. The case is only available on sale from DSStyle official website for just $14.99 however, we have teamed up with DSStyle to offer you 5% off discount when you use the code "WelcometoDS" at the checkout. DSStyle promises to dispatch all orders within 24 hours and offers  worldwide shipping.

#9 Luxury Wallet Leather Case

note 3 wallet leather caseThis beautiful and affordable Leather case features a smooth synthetic leather with sturdy and delicate stitching to ensure a long life of your Galaxy Note 3. It also sports a durable synthetic leather exterior to perfectly protects the device from the outside while its soft interior safeguards the precious screen. The case has got 3 card holders to keep your credit and business card safe as well having a snap to secure the phone in the case while not in use which give is it an advantage over the official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cover. The case can also be used as stand view when you turn it horizontally making it convenient for watching videos or reading emails. The case is only available in Black and it's now on sale for $6.99 saving 30% off the original price.

#10 Zagg InvisibleShield for Galaxy Note3

invisibleshield for samsung galaxy note 3I my self is a big fan of the innovative Zagg InvisibleShield brand, as it is the only protector that does not add any bulk to your device, as well as it's 100% transparent, so you won't even feel that you have a screen protector on. I would like to emphasize on the fact that Zagg InvisibleShield is scratch proof, dust proof and is military graded, that's why Zagg is offering life-time guarantee for it.  This product has received substantial excellent customer reviews, thanks to the 65 million protectors sold worldwide in the recent few years. The protector is made in the US, and it is indeed the best screen protector you can have for your Galaxy Note 3, taking into account that it was first produced to protect military helicopter blades. With the new Zagg InvisibleShield for Note 3, you have the option to choose between screen protector only or full body coverage, which I strongly recommend. One thing to mention here, that this protector covers the front and back only, so I would advise getting a bumper case to protects the sides. The protector is only available on sale through the official InvisibleShield website, however, Zagg sells cheaper variants on Amazon as well.

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